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Become a Monthly Member of Jazakallah Khair Welfare Society
We literally spend hundreds of Riyals or Rupees for Pizzas, Albaik, Burgers, Lunch & Dinners at Hotels unnecessarily, Cigarettes, Tea, Birthday & Marriage Anniversaries of our loved ones, and spending lavishly on branded clothes, Gadgets, bikes, fancy cars, even we spent so much on Wifi, cable TV, PlayStation etc etc list goes on…..  Your small amount of contribution will bring a great difference and bring a smile in the lives of Needy & Suffering people around you!!! Just makeup your mind Allah will make an arrangement through you.

– Service to Mankind is Service to Allah

Start contributing SR100, US$100, AED100, INR1,000 whatever you can share it is upto you.  Remember your contributions will reach directly to Allah before it reaches the hands of needy and suffering person. And In Sha Allah it will uplift weaker section of our Society.





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